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Creole Spirit

Seychelles is far more than a delightful holiday destination...

A place where man lives in perfect harmony with nature... the Garden of Eden

It is a way of life - once experienced, the magic of these dazzling islands will remain with you forever
The Seychellois are a wonderfully eclectic mix of nationalities bringing a rich variety of religions, tradition and culture to thes
e islands. The fusion of this ethnic diversity is a trilingual, vibrant Creole nation that lives in real harmony
There is no typical Seychellois - being descendants of British and French seafarers, freed African slaves and Indian and Chinese merchants.  Skin tone can be fair or dark, hair blonde or black and eyes blue or brown.  They share in common a general cheerfulness with welcoming and helpful attitude.  The Seychellois are never in a hurry.  There is always time for a chat and a smile while their lifestyle exudes a warm, happy-go-lucky approach
As a visitor, you will cherish the miscellany of cultures as you travel around the islands.  You will witness colourful religious celebrations; experience mouth watering cuisine with its spicy flavours and distinctive aromas; dance to Sega music, a calypso-like rhythm with a shuffling, hip-swaying dance; and swing to the Moutia with African beat - usually played around a bonfire on the beach
Food is a very serious affair and prepared with panache by any member of the family.  Simple dishes of fish cooked in tasty sauces bringing out the fullest flavour are served with rice and chutny; mostly accompanied by hot chilli
Weekends are always a special occasion.  On Fridays and Saturdays the colourful market in Victoria teems with locals and visitors alike.  Here you will find everything from freshly caught fish, vegetables, spices and fruit.  Seychellois rise early on Sundays and sport their best attire for church - a particularly social get together.  Then its off to the beach for all the family to enjoy swimming, lounging in the sun, but mostly eating!
This Creole way of life is celebrated every year in October at Seychelles Creole Festival.  All Creole countries participate to rejoice in their distinctive literature, music, art and share new ideas.  In keeping with Creole tradition visitors are guaranteed a warm welcome and every encouragement to join in the festivities
Above all, Seychelles, is a beautiful sanctuary and veritable showcase of natural history for some of the rarest species in the world.  Nowhere else on earth will you find such unique flora and fauna and wonderful sea-scape.  Wading from the beach into the inviting warm waters you will discover hundreds of varieties of multi-coloured fish and turtles.  Diving around pristine coral reefs you will discover a plethora of life beneath the ocean waves that is home to many indigenous types of angel, butterfly and anemone fish - pure Seychellois!
Seychelles is a thousand miles for anywhere and as pure as it gets!

Fregate Island Private
FREE NIGHT OFFER - Stay 6 and pay for 5 nights. Applicable to all Villa categories
You also receive Welcome coconut drink in the Villa, Welcome Spa Ritual at "Rock Spa" (30 mins), "Introductory Yoga Session" every morning at the "Rock Spa" (45 mins)
Valid 15 May to 30 September 2013

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